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The Quick Guide To Build Your Remote Sales Team

Apart from tracking the numbers , you’ll need to get insight into the conversations your team is having with your prospects. This makes sure that your sales people know exactly what is expected of them. Treat your social media friends like real friends, to the extent possible. There’s tools like DocSend and Attach that will allow you to upload them and then tell you when someone reads them online.

managing a remote sales team

We do this through various motivating factors, like competitions and with prizes, etc. CO—is committed to helping you start, run and grow your small business. Learn more about the benefits of small business membership in the U.S. However, before making any business decision, you should consult a professional who can advise you based on your individual situation.

Clear daily, weekly and monthly goals are the cornerstone of the motivation of your sales team to perform. Such planned inter-team interactions can happen through online communication tools like Zoom, Slack or Hangouts. The remote workforce is mainly stuck with passive learning tools such as videos, courses, lectures and presentations on sales activities and principles. With consumer behavior, products, technology, and competitors changing all the time, salespeople need to constantly learn and upgrade their skills. Now, imagine if they wanted to share tips and tricks with each other.

How To Sell Remotely Like A Pro? How To Manage A Remote Sales Team? And How To Generate Leads?

It is better to pick up one task at a time and do it the right way to reap all benefits of a remote sales team. We understand that just as well as anyone else, so our revenue leaders are sharing some of their top tips for managing remote sales teams with you. Managers need to look at the time of day when most of their employees are active. Doing so offers them an opportunity to choose the best time to work so they can overlap with most of their remote sales team. That way, if any problems or questions arise, you can respond quickly to them. When you pay attention to the team's particular needs, that trust starts to slowly build up.

managing a remote sales team

You can share documents there and use it as your personalized meeting room with them. Now, imagine switching to remote sales and staying in the same place. Suddenly you’re able to double the amount of one hour meetings you can have in a day. According to Salesloft, for every outside/field sales rep being hired, there are ten inside/remote sales reps being brought on right now. All of the same methods and tools mentioned in previous articles apply equally to technical workers.

Tools For Managing Remote Teams

For any strategy to succeed, one of the primary considerations is to set clear expectations for the team. The goals that you wish to achieve from the strategy should also be communicated to the employees so that they can be aligned with it. Establishing clear expectations supported by goals that are monitored through specific metrics can help the team stay on track even if they work remotely. While companies seek ways to work remotely, building and scaling a remote sales team requires a lot of planning. Make your sales team close the deals by overcoming all the challenges while working remotely. If a remote team member is located in another country, there may be compliance issues with local immigration, employment and payroll laws.

  • This provides a more balanced approach to training, and also give team members a vital opportunity to interact in person.
  • Your onboarding process can help you set your employees up for success long before they encounter their first roadblock.
  • Whether it was walking meetings or virtual escape rooms, the best managers understood that play fosters creativity and relationships.
  • These initiatives are changing how businesses conduct sales meetings and close deals.
  • We used a combination of tools and thought leadership to build out a smooth-running sales process for our team.

Stand-up meetings create transparency on what everyone’s doing, greatly increase communication within the team, and also provide a moment of reflection on what you’ve done and what you’re planning to do. You can Managing a Remote Team also ask your sales reps to CC you on every email, but your mailbox will be flooded and you’ll still miss part of what’s going on. When we just started Salesflare I would go on the road to visit prospects.

Using Remote Teams To Provide 24

Another argument would be that sales people need social interaction and in person coaching to be able to perform. But the digital tools available can help us to continue to share digital high fives, listen in to sales pitches through recorded meetings and coach each other by joining digital meetings. To be honest, with the right mindset and tools you and your team can become a super sales team if you decide to go remote. Are there any other strategies that you are deploying to manage your remote sales teams? If a business owner is asked to make a list of their top 5 challenges in order of severity, https://globalcloudteam.com/ will easily come anywhere in the first 3 places.

Project based contractors will need to be paid on completion, requiring manual payment methods. India, as a long time hub for IT workers, is one country where software developers and other skilled tech workers can be hired. As salespeople, we have to remember — even though it’s often dismissed as cliche — that we aim to help our clients. So please, continue your outreach at the same volume and with the same passion as before, but be aware of the delicate situation we’re in. However (and I’ll update this section when the global circumstances change), it’s important to remember that we’re going through a very difficult time as a society right now. The Covid-19 pandemic has upended business performance and lives in general.


The traditional steps of office orientation and personal introductions are not available, and need to be replaced with other means of assimilating the new employee into company culture and practices. Worker located in a foreign country may also require a contract drafted to comply with local labor and employment laws, a fact often overlooked when employing remote workers. Some countries will refuse to enforce broad-based non-compete or non-disclosure clauses, an important consideration for international remote teams.

It is considered to be more challenging to manage remote employees and especially sales teams where daily ad-hoc coaching and energetic team members are important factors for success. But in the new era of technology, we have all support needed to successfully coach and motivate remote sales teams. Remote working changes the ways people can share files and information. Since they are not working in the same office space, they need tools that allow them to share essential documents. Cloud-based software and file-sharing systems are used by most companies these days and are excellent for remote collaboration. To ensure your remote sales team is successful in their endeavors, you need to provide them with the necessary tools.

The application of remote team best practices must include measures to counter technology ‘threats’. Data security is a paramount concern for many tech oriented companies, and remote staff need to be monitored for potential data breaches or misuse of information. Training modules should cover this area in detail, with regular refreshers. Remote team member may be located in almost any country, but some locations are popular for recruiting specialized employees.

Remote Sales Teams

There will be a remote sales manager under whom there will be separate territory managers. Each territory manager will have separate sales reps assigned to them. These benefits are making even startups and small businesses take a keen interest in building remote sales teams.

Your team starts to feel isolated, deprived of all the random hallway ‘Hi’s and watercooler moments that lay the groundwork for healthy camaraderie. You can encourage teams to talk outside of these types of events by creating various channels in the messaging tool of choice. Use this space to talk about your pets, hobbies, random thoughts, current playlist, and more. And if you have any questions, hit me up in the comments or send a message to the team on the chat on our homepage. You can always plan a recurring video call around lunch or at some dedicated point of the day, where you can chat about things that are not related to work. Or if daily is too often, you can organize this on a weekly basis as well.

The obvious cost saving is eliminating the need for office space and admin support for technical workers. This may also save the cost of paying for unnecessary on-site visits, or sending in equipment for repair or replacement. For management charged with leading a remote sales team, there are a few challenges that have to be overcome. A natural issue with a remote team is that of communication and management across distances and time zones, without losing a sense of connection and inclusion.

managing a remote sales team

Technical support team members are often hired as contractors, and depending on how they are engaged and paid, and if their work is project based then this should be a valid contractor role. An increasing number of cutting-edge companies utilize a 100% remote virtual workforce, with no principle office or headquarters. I’m a creature of habit, and a decade in the sales profession has made me crave the sound of human voices. Knowing this, I have a second computer next to me that plays movies in the background all day. I know this wouldn’t work for a lot of people, but I also know how my brain works.

I experienced three solid years of working remotely without an office space or a traditional sales team environment. Like any remote team, communication and collaboration are the keys to ensuring everyone on your sales team understands the expectations, goals, challenges and procedures involved with remote selling. Connect with employees on a regular basis via video check-ins so your sales team can stay up to date and track their progress. For managers and business owners who are experiencing the remote working situation for the first time, the process of building, coaching, and managing a remote sales team is a Herculean task.

Successful Remote Teams Hiring Practices

This is especially important if your sales team is used to pitching in person. Wrike can be used to keep workers on track, and create a sense of accountability for all. If there are performance issues or other concerns, managers are able to get in touch with the employee in question, allowing them to provide guidance or advice needed to improve performance. But why take on all this additional responsibility, when you can easily get this executed by a trained and certified team working remotely for you, at the fraction of the cost? Here we elaborate on how they help you with the recruitment, training and performance management of your sales team.

Double down on these moments to continue strengthening the relationships with your remote team members and identifying the pipeline critical to driving predictable revenue. A year into forced work-from-home, it's up to remote managers to maintain company culture and the key relationships between teammates for long-term remote success. These 21 tips cover only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to supporting your remote team. Once the remote sales team is assembled, the next priority is to establish a consistent and reliable management and assessment method.

For managers of managers, it can feel like skip-level management creeps into micro-management. Directors and VPs need to build relationships, however, since hierarchy can add to miscommunication. These managers often created time once a month or quarter for bonding with their skip-levels and having honest conversations about growth. If you want to take it one step further, you can introduce daily stand-up meetings, as is a habit in tech startups and software development environments. Share what you’ve done the day before and what you’re going to do today. Alternatively, some video calling software tools like Vectera allow you to create a room per prospect.

Some of the basic steps of onboarding still remain the same for remote workers, with some important differences due to the fact that the employee is in another location. Most of these items are easily accomplished via email or video calls to the worker, depending on time zone differences. Remote teams can be used for a wide range of business purposes, depending on the industry and market locations. Some companies have historically chosen to outsource some of these roles, such as the use of call centers abroad for 24-hour customer service. However, due to complaints and varying levels of competence, businesses are choosing to use their own employees to implement quality and management controls.

Remote selling has always been questioned and there are some that are repeated. We have gathered the most common questions and the best answers, all summarized for you to read here. In the absence of water cooler talks and face-to-face interactions, leaderboards create an opportunity to celebrate those who are acing their targets. In a way, it also inspires the laggards to pull up their socks and climb up in leaderboard rankings. This struggle remains constant for all functions, including sales folks. Be it in sports or sales, the efficacy of coaching can be measured by the results.

Team Check

We’ve been lucky to see consistent growth and meetings-set, but we are mindful to do so in a way that helps others through a really difficult time. ” 6 Ways Sales Teams Work to Constantly Improve Most of us have heard the expression "If you build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path… If you’re using a cloud platform like HubSpot, you can easily provide training via a wealth of inbound sales training material such as video demos, email templates, and call simulations. All candidates undergo a rigorous three-day vetting process and several rounds of interviews, from the HR department to the management team. They are also required to be HubSpot certified in Inbound Sales before they are presented as a potential candidate.

Periodic sales team meetings via video or phone conferencing can help add to a feeling of inclusiveness and accountability, as members report their results against established goals and benchmarks. Most effective sales people spend more time working more independently than other staff, given the travel time and on-site customer interaction required for success. Their pay structure also adds to a feeling of independence, since a bulk of compensation comes through commissions generated by their own efforts and skill. These factors can affect the management of remote sales team members, since they may be more difficult to engage in team objectives than other personnel. Setting up and managing an effective remote team requires concerted effort and planning, just as with any broad business strategy.

They’re a good time to go over key performance indicators , give updates, and tackle any sales development issues pertaining to ongoing projects. Using messaging is often much faster than email, and it can help build a strong remote company culture. You can either have regular standup meetings or have your sales team fill out an automated daily standup report that goes to a designated chat channel.

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