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Improving Customer Service Processes and Managing Customer Experience

Our philosophy is simple: Every touchpoint, whether of customers, employees, or even suppliers, is an opportunity to strengthen and promote the brand.

In the past 10 years, we have accompanied numerous organizations in Israel and abroad. Our client-base ranges from small to large businesses, through chains and franchisees, to managers and employees in various fields. We support businesses at all stages, from initial set-up stages, through to fast-growing businesses.

Partnering with us ensures our customers continuous improvement in the quality of service in the organization, customer retention, revenues increase, streamlining management processes, tremendous savings in time and energy and the ability to stay current and innovative!

Our Experience to Your Advantage

Our experience in working with different types of managers and employees led us to formulate the principle of “internal service”, after which the company is named. We believe that the service a business provides to its employees will be mimicked in a similar way to the service its employees provide to their customers.

Accompanying our clients at every touchpoint between the organization and its clients, from board meetings determining vision and goals to the service and sales in the field, led us to identify needs and map out the challenges faced by each organization.

Constantly keeping up with global trends, we have developed precise work methods comprising a unique solution system and technological tools that will give your organization a kick in the right direction and become inseparable to its success!

A Management System for a Triumphant Business

INTER SERVICE offers a unique platform that helps the internal management of your organization. It gathers and refines relevant information in real time allowing managers to make quick decisions. The system serves as a conduit for communication between the organization’s board and its employees on the front-line enabling them to be the best service people for your customers.

INTER SERVICE platform was built in collaboration with our clients. It is a flexible system tailored to the needs and dimensions of each organization, with the aim of maximising its capabilities and improving the quality of service to fulfil the desired customer experience.

About our founder and CEO

Asaf Gur founded INTER SERVICE back in 2005 after spending many years managing businesses.

Asaf, a lawyer by training, is a service consultant with extensive experience as a manager and consultant in the hospitality industry and beyond.

Over the years, Asaf has managed a good deal of businesses, founded new businesses and served as a consultant to companies and managers in various fields, throughout Israel and Europe.

During his time in the industry, Asaf spotted a gap in the market. He identified the need for basic tools that will allow business owners to improve their business and help achieve unique advantages and solutions to customer service and experience.