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Digital Transformation

Can you guess how many hours each month your business wastes on admin? How much information is lost due to use of tools that cannot communicate automatically with one another? What insights do you overlook because your information is not presented digitally? INTER SERVICE platform digitises all mundane workflows helping you streamline procedures, save on costs, and be eco-friendlier.

4 Common Challenges

Staff’s time is not utilised to increase sales and service quality.

Time and money wastage relying on manual processes and admin.

Organizational inefficiency using manual and incorrect work processes

Inefficiency sharing inside information and partial or incorrect work processes.

Our solution

We provide you with the tools to digitise your organization’s work processes and admin, which keeps you in the loop and helps manage a more efficient service-oriented organization.

What’s in it for you?

By offering real-time process management, optimisation and updates, INTER SERVICE platform enables steady and continuous innovation and improvement to your business.

All sources of information in one place

Insights and foresight

Real-time data analysis


Constant and continuous improvement

Work efficiency

Innovative results