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Knowledge Availability

By creating a mobile work environment, the organization enables its employees to keep up with relevant information at any given moment. Informed employees are more professional, more involved and more satisfied, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.

4 Common challenges

Employees struggle to stay updated having restricted access to information and inflexible workflows, thus causing Inefficient and slow processing of workload.

High risk of employee abandonment due to limited access to updates and means of communication, slow response to customers and lack of competitive advantage.

Inconsistent service quality and supply.

Lack of digital mobility prompts slow adaptation to market changes and demand.

Our solution

INTER SERVICE is a user-friendly platform that enables each member of the organization to stay updated online, anywhere and at any given time, and with all the information needed to perform tasks optimally.

Achieve optimal collaboration, communication, and satisfaction from every employee and manager with an attractive platform optimised for mobile devices.

What’s in it for you?

Optimal service and consistency in every channel or department. Enable your employees to perform their tasks from their mobile devices whilst maintaining the data and applications of the organization.

Accessible workflow on-demand

Easy access to organizational work processes and information

User-friendly and painless interface

Quick access to updates

Safely stored organizational information