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Organizational Control

Get the tools that will ensure you complete control over your business.

From a real-time snapshot of the quality of service in your organization and instant messaging communication, through regular updates of the employees’ professionalism, to meeting your predefined goals.

4 Common Challenges

Customer dissatisfaction due to lack or delay in response

Inability to identify weak-points that require improvement, as well as the sources to create future positive opportunities

Difficulty in measuring KPIs

Lack of order with no access to documents and data.

Our solution:

INTER SERVICE platform, combined with our professional knowledge, enables you to improve your organization’s workflow, streamline service processes and boost management capabilities.

Real-time access to updates, as well as an accessible and balanced workflow, ensures that each of the organization’s tasks is executed in a timely manner, to the best ability and correctly.

What’s in it for you?

As a result, you will see improvement in the efficiency of the workforce and their performance quality, thereby strengthening the organization’s resilience and lowering its risk level.

The ability to track and trace every operation

Load balancing and time control

Receive messages and updates

Decrease in admin