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Organizational Knowledge Management

Efficiency and Improvement in the quality of training, learning and implementation by sharing relevant information between the various levels of the organization. INTER SERVICE platform helps you preserve and distribute internal and external information easily and quickly, thereby improving the performance of your employees and their experience.

4 Common Challenges

Cumbersome, long and inefficient employee training scheme. The need for employees to learn and develop their skills and knowledge during their daily work routine.

Ineffective customer service where service personnel struggle to find information.

Loss and drainage of valuable knowledge and information when employees leave or retire.

The time wasted when employees must search for information in lack of an organised and filtered database.

Our solution:

Our platform allows every user, regardless of level or position, to access all relevant information in real time and in one place, using a painless interface that offers excellent user experience.

Whether a complaint that calls for immediate response, updated procedure awaiting implementation or a new promotion – our platform transfers the information at a click of a button.

In this fashion, INTER SERVICE ensures maximum efficiency, saving you time and energy and lets you use your information in a way that generates real business value!

What’s in it for you?

Our friendly platform and smart processes will enable you the order, retention, implementation, innovation and circulation of knowledge in your organization. Thus, you will be able to acquire professional and talented employees and, therefore, achieve an enhanced and valuable organizational performance.

All sources of information gathered in one place


Content management

Integrated document and process management

Digital (automatic) management of knowledge

Formulate templates for routine processes

Formulate method statements