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Standards and Regulations

By using the variety of reports and control arrays we provide, you can implement, manage, supervise and enforce work procedures and quality standards. Moreover, it allows you to get a timely snapshot of your organization’s compliance with the above.

4 Common Challenges

Unordered and inconsistent control arrays

Difficulty monitoring information and findings.

Inadequate uniformity and continuity documenting findings.

Waste of time and resources on supervision.

Our solution

In addition to creating correct work procedures to be clearly presented in one place digitally, INTER SERVICE platform offers an internal control interface enabling the organization’s headquarters managers to enforce compliance with procedures and immediately update all relevant functionaries on the matter.

The use of these elements in the platform, combined with correct and up-to-date work procedures, ensure consistency, uniformity and control.

What’s in it for you?

Automatic viewing and management of controls reduces and occasionally even eliminates common errors associated with manual information management.

Create unique rules and work procedures easily


Risk management

Rapid and effective implementation of change

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