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Inter Service System


An effective business management tool must gather all information required in a clear and convenient manner. INTER SERVICE system does just that by offering managers an instant snapshot of your business from different angles, all in one place.

The system is a result of many years of experience in business management, together with over a decade accompanying and consulting organizations. It led us to recognise the need for more efficient management tools. The outcome is an advanced and foolproof management interface that allows you to invest your time in things that truly matter and elevate your business to new heights.

The system helps you manage processes in various areas of the organization

Work Processes

Visualise your work processes to help you manage them effectively, improve process controls and enforce organizational changes.


Real-time control over the organization’s sales snapshot, as well as setting and managing sales targets.

Customer Service

The system gives you a current snapshot of the service quality in the organization, through which you can identify weaknesses and communication failures and adhere to service standards.

Handle Complaints

Effective and straightforward tools to manage customer requests whilst maintaining a high standard of service.


Digitised library to manage employees’ files, including monitoring tools to track their individual professional development in the organization.

Financial Data

The system gathers data from various systems (revenue / purchasing / LC) on a professional dashboard, which presents financial data and provides a current snapshot of the business on demand.


Manage all forms digitally eliminating the need for large warehouses or archives.

Internal Marketing

Forward content and messages to your employees using video and image interfaces.

Organizational Knowledge

One-stop-shop for all your organizational knowledge, including interactive examination interface.

Internal Communication

Deliver notices and messages from management to the rest of the organization’s employees.

Task Management

Manage ongoing tasks effectively, for example: send messages, schedule appointments and keep track of tasks accomplishment.

Flexibility and Compatibility

The system is compatible with various systems used by the organization.