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Expert Visits

Expert visits – understand the need, generate results

“An expert knows all the reasons an idea will not work” (Henry Ford).

In the everyday running of a business, you can easily find yourself micromanaging the business and completing urgent mundane tasks. Many managers spend significant time out in the field and find it difficult, when necessary, to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Often, rather an outsider can better identify barriers and errors, offering a fresh perspective that can then open the door for substantial change.

Certainly, we don’t mean just any outsider, but an INTER SERVICE expert. Each of our experts is proud of many years managing and consulting in their field. Therefore, they are familiar with the challenges a business might face on its way to achieve a successful customer experience and work environment.

The Expert’s Duty

Our service experts will pay you a visit to identify the challenges and difficulties your employees face fulfilling their duties. The experts will diagnose the existing work methods, identify strengths and weaknesses and give you and your employees an in-depth feedback accordingly.

The expert’s opinion will be based upon conclusions drawn from the diagnosis of the work method, as well as a thorough observation into both the customers’ and the employees’ experience in the business. Accordingly, the existing failures and their causes will rise to the surface to demonstrate what changes are required to improve the organization’s operations and later implement them in the field.

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