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Service Systems Design

Successful customer service systems prepare the ground for a winning brand

We believe that every touchpoint, whether it be with customers, employees, or even suppliers, is an opportunity to strengthen brand loyalty.

This is not merely a theory, but a solid point of departure to help generate solutions for our clients. A service system that follows the company’s values ​​and its approach towards service bridges the gap between the brand and its customer.

The more stable this bridge is, the greater the customer’s satisfaction and inclination to spread the word about the brand and recommend it.

Different Channels – One Goal

With over a decade diagnosing and mapping customer service systems across a wide range of industries, we have obtained rich professional knowledge and the ability to identify systemic challenges quickly and efficiently.

Whether it’s front desk customer service, a call centre, technical support for a website or any other available avenue, our service specialists will map your system and its main nodes. The mapping process lets us identify the organization’s touchpoints with the customer, segment its population and draw conclusions and recommendations. Subsequently, you will be advised on the service layout and ways to provide the right service for the organization and its customers, such that will tie in client expectations with the wishes and goals of the organization.

When service systems run like a well-oiled machine

At the end of the process, you will be proud of a customer service system that operates consciously, knows its customer well and is ready to handle any challenge that comes its way. It is a setting where everyone knows what their role is and how and when to do it. The trinity of the right response, at the right time, for the right customer, is one that empowers your business and allows it to grow.

If you are interested in building a current and effective service system for your business, do not hesitate to contact us directly via telephone on +972 (0) 3 5277639 or through the Contact tab on this website.