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Inductions and Workshops

Inductions and Workshops – Thorough Change Assimilation

Assimilating change can be difficult, especially when it comes to substantial organizational changes. In order to effectively and fully implement the processes required into the company’s corporate culture, we offer a wide range of inductions and workshops available to all levels of management.

Customer experience mirrors employee experience

One way to make an entrance and leave your mark is to tell a story as part of a sensory experience. The more senses you touch, the stronger the memory that is created and the more likely one is to recall that which gave us the experience.

Our workshops are designed to create a similar effect, helping employees internalise the organization’s messages in a way that will then be passed on to customers in the different touchpoints. We offer you the tools to pass on the organization’s credo and message through interactive and experiential inductions and workshops, thereby enriching your employees’ practice and improving the quality of service and customer experience.

Proven methods tailored to your needs

INTER SERVICE has trained a rich variety of businesses and companies in various industries and markets. Thanks to our experience and acquired knowledge, we provide professional inductions and workshops to a high standard, tailored to the nature of your business, its market and the unique challenges that stand in its way.

If you wish for an effective change in your employees’ attitude, our workshops might as well be the right tool for you. Contact us directly via telephone on +972 (0) 3 5277639 or through the Contact tab on this website.