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Regulations and Training Material formulation

Regulations and Training Material – Key to Legitimate Business Conduct

As a manager, you probably know how frustrating it can sometimes be to convey a message down the chain, however plane it might be. At most, just like Chinese-Whispers, the end message becomes garbled as it changes so many hands along the way. Alternatively, the message may not reach the right person, or worse, it reaches its destination, yet, with the opposite meaning.

To avoid this scenario, managing the right knowledge within the organization and creating an organizational culture committed to its ethical code is key. Such culture can be attained by training employees and setting regulations in the organization.

Regulations to drive organizational change:

One might think that workplace regulations are merely trivial rules of behaviour and a set of disciplinary guidelines. However, in order to convey the message itself and the organization’s spirit, more profound work is required. Regulation formulation is an expertise which comprises the organization’s credo in the form of vision and values or workplace regulations and training material.

Our extensive experience and familiarity with various markets and industries in Israel and around the world enable us to confidently formulate precise work practice and professional training material for your organization. We offer insights derived from both our accumulated professional knowledge and estimate of the individual organizational culture of your business and its employees.

The tailored procedures we provide you with constitute a reliable source of information that generates uniformity and coherence of conduct in your organization over time.

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