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Customer Experience Control

Superb client experience is no coincidence, but rather a carefully orchestrated symphony.

A business that provides services works like an orchestra. Each participant should fulfil their duty in the best possible manner, at the right time and without stepping on each other’s toes. Moreover, like any other respected orchestra, prior to the opening night rehearsals take place in order to find out what requires improvement and thereafter work to correct it.

The same is true for customer experience control. Over the past 11 years, INTER SERVICE has accompanied numerous companies and organizations which helped perfect its hidden customer service model.

The process:

1. Our service experts would issue a tailored work plan for your business following a thorough examination of all customer service aspect of your business, including an in-depth mapping of each touchpoint with your customer.

2. Based on our research, our team will create a questionnaire tailored to your needs and the desired customer experience.

3. Our hidden customers are then sent out to perform the predefined tasks.

4. Finally, we will analyse all information gathered and provide you with a detailed report. The report will familiarise you with your customer’s expectations and how to optimize their experience to gain returning customers who would act as organic ambassadors to spread the word about your brand even further.

We offer thorough customer experience controls that gather reliable information about the nature of the service provided to the customer, including identifying faults, weaknesses and strengths throughout the entire service process. Using these tools, you can easily step into your customer’s shoes and experience it from their end.

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